About Me

I am a goal-orientated person with a clear vision. I have been always been a decisive person in any decision making in order to achieve my dreams in life. I have been opinionated and assertive in doing my given task and not afraid to convey my ideas and suggestions to my potential clients in order to give better service and assure them that the clients can rely on me. I am also a purposeful person.
I studied Information Technologies in College so I am familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowePoint as I always used it for homework and projects. I can do basic designing using Canva for my graphics. I can do basic HTML and Cpp and are still improving my skills while learning other interesting skills in order to give better services to my potential clients.
I organized my task with Trello to avoid confusion with the due date and also it would make me more organized and my task is within its time limit of the due date.

I can easily adapt to any situation either sudden or not as I am open to anything and will not easily be down by whatever the world may throw at me. In other words, I am a self-motivated person and can work without constant supervision as I am aware of my responsibilities and its importance to my clients that I give them the well-deserved service that they paid me to and I do treat my clients with the same respect.

I learn from my past training that social media marketing is a way of promoting your brand, product, and services to gain exposures to be known to your clients and to the society in order to gain a fanbase and potential clients globally or locally. Also, this is also the best way of gaining a foothold with the targeted market.

Rural Impact Sourcing – Technical Training (Pagadian – 2018)

Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training taught us a lot of things. The topic that really inspired me is as a freelancer we still work even when we are traveling and the time we work is not fixed. It really piqued my interest as I wanted to have a way to help my family ease their burden with my school fees and also help put food on the table. The training is a perfect opportunity for people like me, a struggling college student looking for an opportunity to earn extra pocket money but with irregular schedules.

A freelancer in any field can be really profitable to them, but to me, the most important thing here is that what experience and knowledge you gain from your job. Almost all employer would give you initial guidance and train you on how things are done in their company. Here you can expand your knowledge and improve in aspects that you are not familiar with. Learning is a never-ending process and with the increased of your knowledge and experience, your value as a freelancer also increased. Until you are with enough skills and experience to open a company with a team of friends or even other freelancers that they have known for years.

Being taught by our instructor, Jehan Forro. She provided and helped us build a sturdy foundation as a social media marketing and freelancing where we learn many things that will be our most valuable asset in boosting our self-confidence when we apply for a job. With a foundation built with knowledge and practice from making our own graphics and contents being posted daily to our social media accounts. We applied the things that are taught to use when we posted and create content. But most of all we researched and read more to learn deeper and personally what it really is inside.

Social media marketing and advertising may sound easy but in reality, we are given a responsibility and we should never take it for granted as it is a trust and confidence that they gave to us. As a beginner when there is an employer who gave you enough trust to market and advertises their business to gain sales or just for exposure. We should give our all and try to exceed their expectations.